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Jubliyan with Vinny (12-1pm) SSK Melbourne (8-10:30am) Antakshari (11-12pm) Jubliyan (12-1pm) Jubliyan (12-1pm) Nanne Munne Champs (9-10am) Dhamal Junction(2-3pm)
News by Vinny (2-3pm) Jubliyan (12-1pm) Jubliyan (12-1pm) Phulwari(1-2pm) News (2-3pm) Jalsa by Vyoma (1-2pm) Fithe Muhn(5-6pm)
Bollywood Gossip (3-4pm) News (2-3pm) News (2-3pm) News (2-3pm) Bollywood Gossip (3-4pm) Main Aur Aap(7-8pm)
Gallan Mithiyan (4-5pm) Bollywood Gossip(3-4pm) Bollywood Gossip(3-4pm) Bollywood Gossip(3-4pm) Gallan Mithiyan (4-5pm) 88.9Fm(8-10pm)
Surkh Sunehe with Jatinder Pannu (5-6pm) Gallan Mithiyan (4-5pm) Gallan Mithiyan (4-5pm) Gallan Mithiyan (4-5pm) Story time with Mahima (5-6pm)
Story time with Mahima (6-7pm) Repeat (5-6pm) Hasiyan Khadiyan (5-6pm) Repeat (5-6pm) Top 10 Nancy(6-7pm)
Patari with Kamalnain (7-8pm) Beauty Tips (6-7pm) Story time with Mahima (6-7pm) Tips Mahima(6-7pm)
Sunehri Sham with Saurabh (8-9pm) Love Triangle (7-8pm)


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