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Advertise With Us

Business slow? Phones not ringing? Customers, where are they? Your solution – radio! Contact our sales team and start successfully reaching your target market. We offer a creative solution, not just a bunch of ads. We’ll talk one-on-one with your target market, just like we’re talking to you right now. Connect your customers and clients to your business with radio.

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 Advertise With Us © Sanjhi Awaaz Radio Radio has always been considered one of the most economical and effective call-to-action mediums. Why? Two-thirds (67%) of radio listeners are open to advertising messages, the highest across any form of media. (Source: Commercial Radio Australia Brand Campaign 2014) Consumers are more than 43% more likely to search for or purchase a brand after hearing it advertised on radio.

(Source: Commercial Radio Australia Brand Campaign 2014) Radio advertising delivers an average ROI of 17%, more than online (14%) and TV (13%). Combine radio with online (banner/display ads), and you get an average ROI of 23%! (Source: 2015 Colmar Brunton Media Spend ROI Study) 40% of consumers see banner/display advertising as the MOST influential form of online advertising.

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